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Access Control Systems Offer Added Workplace Security

Posted 6/19/2018

Keeping your business safe and secure has always been a priority with large and small businesses, alike. Security has been a growing concern for years, and the demand for reliable products never ceases. Making sure that staff members, business equipment, and data remain safe, are major concerns of the business owner.

Problems with Lock and Key Entry

In the past, many businesses used simple lock and key door knobs, but this method isn’t secure. Keys can be lost or stolen and then there is no record of who entered the building. A simple key entry doesn’t offer the safety that you need for companies with larger work places. Imagine what could happen if a disgruntled employee leaves the company, and then the company must pay to replace all of the door locks.

Another potential problem with this type of system is that within most companies, is that only managers or owners have the key. So, what happens if they don’t come to work one day? Will the whole office have to wait to come inside until a manager arrives? The old lock and key method isn’t fail-proof.

Adding Access Control for Better Security

Access control systems are one of the better forms of allowing only authorized workers access to the building, or office. Typical access control systems have a key card that is registered to one specific user.

Consider using security controlled access systems on doors, to keep unauthorized personnel from gaining access to rooms with valuable office equipment or data storage.

Access control systems can automate your entrance and exit process. With these types of systems, employees use badges with wireless technology (chip cards) or punch-in codes to gain access to the building or certain spaces. These systems allow businesses to control who can access certain areas or offices, at all times. They can even be programmed to allow access on certain days or and specific times. They are also more user-friendly for employees, no matter what title they have in the company.

Access Control Reports

Because each access card is registered to one person, so it keeps track of who is coming in and going out the door, and at what time. This information can be valuable to business owners or managers if a problem (such as theft, security breach, or other issue) happens at the building. Using the access control report, you can find out who was inside the building when the problem occurred. You can also lock certain employees out, or prevent them from coming back in after a termination.

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